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$7.78/month or $280 one-time
$5.56/month or $200 one time


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We’ll ship the devices to your home, along with written instructions plus directions to a step-by-step installation wizard on the app. Support by phone is available if you need it, free of charge.

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Choose how you would like to pay for your additional devices below. Either spread out the cost for your additional devices over your monthly bills or opt to pay for them upfront.

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Base Plan: $12/month
: $0/month
Additional Outdoor Camera(s): $/month
Additional Indoor Camera(s): $/month

Total Monthly Cost: $/month
Plus applicable taxes

Total Monthly Cost: $12/month
Plus applicable taxes

One Time Costs

Additional Indoor Camera(s): $
Additional Outdoor Camera(s): $

Total One Time Cost: $
Plus applicable taxes

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